GBI is a marketing company for polymers especially focus on applications in foods, medicines and medication device. And,we also develop polymers for other application. Deeply understand on technology of polymers provide us high possibility of working out smart solution:high functional and cost saving.

Regulatory Compliance

We have support team to check our product compliance on regulatory issued by US,UE,Japan,China and other authorities for safety and environment concern. During developing product stage,our regulatory compliance team will be involved to specify guideline.

Supplier Quality Assurance Management

There is no abstract product quality. Our high quality always come from intensive understanding on client’s requirements.We work with supplier to bulid up Quality Assurance Management System to minimize risks on failure and unsafety products.Meanwhile, we have professional team to handle customer claim. We do rooting instead of covering on each customer claim.

Product development

We keep updating our product in all kinds of detail and our philosopher is our product maybe not perfect but chasing perfection is our essential attitude of our product.